Bringing key stakeholders from government, housing providers and private industry together to advance affordable housing in New Zealand

The availability and affordability of housing is a prevalent issue in New Zealand and a pressing concern for the lower income. With property costing up to 9.7 times the average income, the high costs of housing is one of the leading drivers behind high levels of private indebtedness among New Zealanders. Whilst there appears to be consensus on the shortage of affordable homes in New Zealand, an integrated, multi-faceted approach is needed to fully explore and develop solutions-based policies and strategies to improve the housing crisis in New Zealand.

As a result of an inadequate supply of housing coupled with the changing needs of New Zealanders, the region’s residential property market is characterised by a robust demand for sustainable housing options. Such growth in housing demand has placed emphasis on the need for better engagement between government bodies, policy makers, developers, financiers and housing providers to meet the demand for affordable, well-designed, quality homes.

Back for the second edition in New Zealand, the NZ Affordable Housing Development Summit 2017 will bring key government figures and prominent industry leaders together to explore strategies that advance affordable housing development. With thought-provoking discussions in store, the summit will address policy issues, explore opportunities for growth and identify industry challenges for the government, private as well as NFP sector.

Key benefits of attending:

  • Keep up-to-speed on key policies and long-term trends affecting housing demand patterns and affordability in New Zealand
  • Leverage first-hand knowledge from leading representatives on the progress of ongoing and future affordable housing projects: assess status, forecast growth, discuss lessons learnt and strategies to overcome challenges
  • Maximise hidden-value opportunities for development and investment in affordable housing
  • Capitalise on cross-industry collaboration to effectively structure successful PPP arrangements to increase housing delivery
  • Gain insights on developing innovative, alternative solutions to address emerging market pressures and create an affordable housing boom


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Key Learning Objectives

  1. Housing New Zealand reveals Long-Term Plan to increase housing supply and improve affordability
  2. Auckland Councillor Chris Darby explains the Unitary Plan and what it means for housing in the city
  3. Understand how local councils will use the $1bn Housing Infrastructure Fund to address housing affordability
  4. Learn about different financing models and how well the UK bond aggregation model will work in Australia.
  5. Find out how community housing in New Zealand compares to Australia and where we can learn from each other


Delegates from private industries, government bodies, and housing providers involved in or have an interest in the development of affordable housing projects:

  • Government Ministries
  • Local Councils
  • Policy Analysts
  • Community and Social Housing Providers
  • Housing Trusts
  • Community Development Specialists
  • Construction Firms and Home Builders

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